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Newton's top issues

Zoning that Serves the Residents

I will continue to advocate for zoning that values our human-scaled villages, existing neighborhood fabric, historic resources, and disincentivizes environmentally wasteful tear-downs.

Housing Affordability

We all benefit when housing stock is diversified so that young professionals, young families, veterans, and seniors can all find housing they are able to afford without being either rent- or mortgage-burdened

Investing in our Public Schools

It is critical that we prioritize and support our schools, our teachers and our families with children in the Newton Public Schools.

Transparency & Acountability

I pledge to publish a monthly newsletter, make my votes publicly available on my website, work to make all City Council votes public on the City website, and to hold open office hours for Newton residents.

Supporting Newton's Arts & Culture

As a City Councilor, I will work with residents to support our vibrant arts community which makes Newton such a beautiful place to live.

Climate Change and the Environment

The immediacy of Climate change requires swift enactments that will incentivize and support municipal Climate Change Resiliency throughout the city.

Good Governance

The primary responsibility of our elected officials is to ensure good governance in the city of Newton.

Responsible Fiscal Management

I will work hard to ensure that citywide fiscal impact analyses and plans for robust resident engagement are the norm, not the exception.

The Power of Diverse Voices

As a Latina woman, I have lived experiences that inform my opinions and perspectives. If we, as a community, espouse inclusivity, then we must also diversify the representation within our elected bodies.

Historic Preservation

Newton's historic assets define a rich “sense of place” in each of our thirteen distinctive village centers.